Stop taking hostages! The ills of poor event design and facilitation

Agile KM for me... and you?

Since there will be a lot of event facilitation for me to do at ILRI, it is likely that I blog more about it in the coming months. It makes sense after all, since productive conversations (and learning) are central to my understanding of knowledge management, and well-designed events generate truly productive conversations.

Badly designed ones, on the other hand, take us as hostages and they are still all too frequent.

What too many events lead to... (credits: SD on FlickR)

We have all been attending ‘death-by-Powerpoint‘(1)  conferences and events. Typically, this kind of events would entail: A plenary format (all in the same room) showcasing an endless stream of presentations, usually eating up the time planned for group work (if any at all). In those events, sometimes there is also one or more panel discussions that give a fake impression of conversation. If (over)time allows, the audience may finally be invited to ask a few questions…

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