About the AgileFacil blog (and author)

This blog is strongly linked to my other blog on (agile) knowledge management (KM) and learning for social change. But it focuses on facilitation. Of events, of processes, and ‘healthy human systems‘. It is dedicated to everything that has to do with (agile) facilitation and my practice around it, in the service of social change.

What is facilitation?

Sam Kaner and the ‘Community At Work‘ crew would describe the job of a facilitator as “Helping others do their best thinking”. And perhaps it is really the essence of it.

This video from the International Institute for Facilitation and Change describes that role as “architect, pilot and guide”.

Facilitation for me is the art of exploring and sustaining conversations that matter (and occasionally of taking decisions that matter, accordingly) collectively and effectively – whether it is done by one person or by the whole group.

Why ‘Agile’?

Because much like KM can do with a very dynamic approach, facilitation has to stretch its limits all the time, and remain relevant in an ultra-dynamic world where change is the norm. One-size-fits-all, proven recipes and silver bullets don’t work with human systems, which are complex by nature. The focus on ‘agile’ reminds me (and us all hopefully?) that there no such thing as a static, fixed human system. Agile is the way that we (have to) walk. And with agile I don’t mean ‘Agile’, the software development collaboration method, but the quick feedback loops, liquid, fluid, adaptive approach to change and learning, which you can also find in that software development movement by the way.

Why this blog?

While blogging on Agile KM for me and you, I noticed over time that quite a lot of my posts related to my practice of facilitating cooperation, collaboration, and decision-making. And while there is a natural connection – in my eyes – between knowledge management and facilitation, I thought the domain of facilitated collaborative processes and healthy human systems deserved a space of its own, away from other conversations that KM tends to bring to the foreground. That said, all posts related to facilitation that I originally blogged about on ‘Agile KM’ are republished on this blog too, so you have access to all that writing. For now, that is all the content you find on this blog, but it will change soon.

I will be blogging only occasionally on this blog, as opposed to a very regular blogging practice on ‘Agile KM’, but I hope that you will find some reflections on this blog useful for your own work or interests too, and that as on Agile KM for me and you, you will share your comments and reflections on this space too.

Who am I?

And if you’re wondering who I am, check out my profile page on Agile KM for me and you…

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