A first splash onto AgileFacil

Just go type ‘facilitation’ in Google and look up images… The result is a fascinating collection of pictures and drawings that try to depict what facilitation is and does. It’s not all straightforward, however, and many take facilitation for granted.

Facilitators... (Credits: www.kidsmatter.edu.au)

Facilitators… (Credits: http://www.kidsmatter.edu.au)

What is sure is that facilitation is an art, and an art that is getting more and more in demand due to some drivers that impact us all: increasing inter-connectivity, more visible and deeper complexity of the work we do, more push from wicked problems to be acted upon in ‘some way’. The capacity of human beings to cooperate has never been greater.

But cooperation is not an easy business. And we are not creatures of natural change. Even if change has to be part of our daily diet now. So the art of facilitating conversations that matter for entire collectives of people, for ‘healthy human systems’, is really becoming an imperative of our time.

Hence this blog – as my modest contribution to get everyone to think about what it takes to create healthy human systems, and to pay more attention to the details that join up (or disband) our initiatives – sharpening everyone’s ‘process literacy’ and sense of social learning.

I have mentioned on the ‘About this blog (and the person behind it)‘ why I created this blog and how it relates to my other blog ‘Agile knowledge management for me… and you?‘. All I can say is that there will be lots of connections between the two, starting with republishing all the facilitation-focused content from ‘Agile KM’ onto ‘AgileFacil’.

The May 2015 issue of the Knowledge Management for Development Journal will be dedicated to facilitation. I will publicly launch this blog when the issue sees the light, and you will have lots of interesting articles to read in addition to this.

For now, let’s see where this new journey takes me, and hopefully some of you… One has to start somewhere…

Let's start here with this blog on the journey to healthy human systems

Let’s start here with this blog on the journey to healthy human systems