Liberating monitoring evaluation and learning Structures? Two ‘why bother?’ interviews…

Now all posts related to specific (training) events will be posted on my company’s website ‘’. Here’s the latest, and it created a lot of fun!

Ewen Le Borgne

If you are a professional working on monitoring, evaluation, learning (MEL), whether in international development cooperation or otherwise, you might be looking for interesting ways to reinvent your profession in a COVID context that has made direct contact exceedingly rare and difficult and has thus made all that good MEL work very challenging… Here’s an interview that might be of interest, with a totally impartial take since it’s myself interviewing myself 😉

And if you want to skip it and directly get your tickets (I warned you arf arf arf), simply click here.

Bonus interview (with a mystery guest) at the bottom!

So you think MEL is in need of reinvention?

Well, I’m not the one saying this, I’m not even a MEL specialist myself (though I used to be). But my friends, former colleagues and the graduates from the last such immersion who operate in this field are…

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