Happy 2021 – and here’s to sharing many more conversations!

Dear you,

I have left you alone over the past year(s). Perhaps you’re even very happy about it ha ha. Perhaps I’m just talking to myself 😉

In any case, as this new year is finally with us, with a pretty dramatically iconic 2020 behind, here is to a happy 2021, hopefully a very different kind of year, though building upon the great experimentation and learning we’ve also done in this Corona year past.

For me, this is not a promise that my blogging will become a solid practice again, but I am really hoping to find time to do it on a more regular basis and to reflect on the beautiful, amazing, new, quirky, deceptive, crazy, stupid, enchanting stuff that lies ahead of my path.

I hope you tag along for a while, and help me make this blogging a shared experience, an enjoyable conversation space…

For now, I wish you health, love, happiness, success and whatever wild dreams you may have…

(photo credit: CTN News)

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